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Sinter plate filter is a kind of shape stability and strong resistance to impact and load ability of filtering material.  It is also called “plastic sinter plate”. The rigid filtering plate whose matrix is made of PE powder through special sinter process, and coated with PTFE (commonly known as “Plastic King”, the coating material of non stick pot). Due to pure surface filtration, it blocks the dust outside the filter material and is easily to be cleaned on line. It has a stronger filtration accuracy, which can be applied to various high or low temperature environments, and can be used repeatedly, effectively reducing the production cost.

The Earlier Type of Sinter Plate Filter Element (For replacement):



So what is a sinter plate? The sinter plate here refers to rigid filtering plate whose matrix is made of PE powder through special sinter process, and coated with PTFE (commonly known as "Plastic King", the coating material of non stick pot). Because the raw materials are all plastics, it is also called "plastic sinter plate". This technology originated from Germany, and can make filters with various shapes.PTFE coating can block the dust outside the filter material, as the effect of "surface filtration". This is quite different from the "deep filtration" effect of the fiber filter. At this point, only high-grade membraned filter media can be comparable to the sinter plate, but the coating of the sinter plate goes deep into the matrix, and is not easy to be worn and torn, and  also many other advantages.

1. PE matrix +PTFE coating, pure surface filtration, ultra low emission, stable resistance.2. Imported raw materials, assure high efficiency, while low resistance, and wear-resist & aging-resist.3. Filter head is sintered all together, with  CNC machined shape, and stainless steel plate reinforcement, the filter head is firm and straight.4. Gasket ring is specially designed, embeded in CNC formed installation slot, reliable, durable, and no need to worry about dropping off.

5. The filter bottom is cast in whole, which can be of good sealing, rigid and tough.

6. The weight is less than 18 kg, easy to move and maintain.

Germany Originated + Imported Materials + Technology Innovation

Certified by German laboratory.

Filter Size


Filtration Area (m2)

HSL_1500 / 18


Filter Media

Media Code




 99.999% @ 1μm

Operation Temp.



Purging Air Pressure

4.0~4.5 Bar

Electrostatic Leakage Resistance


≤ 106Ω

A/C Ratio

0.8~1.3 m/min

Air Resistance

1500~2000 Pa

(Depends on operating conditions)

Gasket Ring Installation Type

Raw Gas only

* Please indicate “Size + Media Code” when ordering.

Example:  Sinter Plate Filter Element, Type: HSL_1500/18 NT1.

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